Yours Truly

Oh hi there, fancy seeing you here friend 🙂

My name is Kaycee, and I’m the writer behind FitFace. I’m also a “stay at home” mom (“” are because I technically do work, but most of the time, I’m at home) and work part time as a radio DJ at my local radio station, CJLS The Wave. (Listen Live: here)

I am a very energetic person with not many places in this small town to release my steam, and not many people to talk to about my passion for health and fitness. (The hubby listens… but I think it’s only because he has to 😉

The types of things you’re going to find on this blog are going to vary day to day, it’s my creative outlet. I write about food, recipes I’ve tried, DIY household recipes, my family and how much I love them, and a multitude of other things. But one things for sure, there will be no negativity to be had on this page! capiche? very good 🙂

I am one of the millions of females that suffered from disordered eating and low self esteem as a child/early teen, you can read part 1 of My Story here, and Part 2 here, which will probably be mentioned frequently here.

I love bright colours, polka dots, leopard print and food

oh.. and this one is fun too moi et espresso

I’m obsessed with New York City (If you live there, you probably shouldn’t tell me because I’ll be on the next flight out to come visit) so much that my husband gave me a surprise honeymoon there!


staten island ferry


And I almost ALWAYS have a flower in my hair 🙂



Here’s a few more tidly-bits

Name: Kaycee

Age: 25

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario

Currently reside: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Animals: 1 dog (DukeFace) and 1cat (MangoFace)

Kids: My princess Ariel


Fun things I enjoy: nutrition, cooking, baking, running, gardening (even though my thumb is more brown than green), building forts and  jumping in puddles

LOVE: red peppers, coconut, coffee, tea, breakfast and water




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