Silky Delicious French Vanilla Coffee, aka, Beverage of my Dreams!

I think dream about this all night.

Then I wake up, throw ingredients in the blender with my eyes still half closed, pour into whatever beverage holding device is closest, spilling half onto the floor, and drink. Piping hot, creamy (minus the cream) silky smooth and delicious.


Now I’m ready.

(That’s mostly a lie, I’m actually a morning person and don’t need my coffee to feel wide awake….. but for those of you that aren’t, ^^ that may sound familiar… This one’s for you!  😉

Ever had a Tim Horton’s French Vanilla Cappuccino? (For my American friends, I’m not sure what the American equivalent would be, I’m sure starbucks has a vanilla cappuccino too, but I don’t know if it tastes the same. Let’s pretend it does, capiche?)

Well this is better, there is no milk, it’s packed with healthy fats and can be made with zero added sugars. zip, zilch, nada.


You may not have known that if you whip coconut oil into submission it takes on a silky smooth texture reminiscent of a greek goddess. True story.

Without further adieu: My Homemade Dairy Free Vanilla Coffee  (it can’t really be a cappuccino without some kind of milk… right?)

Homemade ‘Better than Tim’s’ Vanilla Coffee

1 mug piping hot coffee (the size of your choice)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1-2 tablespoons Vanilla Protein Powder *

Throw all these ingredients into your blender and BLEND! POUR! DRINK!


delicious right?

*note :I always use a Vanilla Whey protein, but I know some people with strong allergies and still intolerant to this. Any protein powder can be used, just keep in mind that the outcome will be slightly different. Example: casein protein doesn’t blend incredibly well and most vegan powders are chalky. I have heard marvellous things about SunWarrior being very blend-able, but have not tried it for myself. Also, pay attention to what your powders are sweetened with. Stevia-sweetened ones are always a good option 😉

Or if you’d prefer to NOT get all fancy dancy with protein powders and measuring spoons before you’re even “awake”:

Protein Free Vanilla Coffee

1 mug coffee (size of your choice)
1 great big dash of Vanilla extract (I like it veeerrryy Vanilla-y)
1 tablespoon coconut oil (roughly, noneed to measure 😉

1/2 packet powdered stevia, or 3 drops liquid (can substitute 1 tablespoon of sugar of choice if you don’t care so much about it being sugar free)

Pour all ingredients into your blender and BLEND! POUR! DRINK!

Yum right?


What’s your favourite way to have your morning coffee?? Are you a plain Jane kinda person, or do you like to get a little crazy with it like I Do?

Hugs Kisses and Cookies



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