What I Ate Wednesday

Hi Friends!

Its my very first What I Ate Wednesday, I’m pumped!!!!


ready to see what I’ve been eatin’ lately?

Brekky was 3 banana-rama pancakes topped with sugar free strawberry chia jam and coconut butter.

(Super easy, one extra ripe banana mashed with 2 eggs and 1/2 cup oatmeal, and fried up in coconut oil like a normal pancake:)


It actually held me over for about 4 hours so it was late afternoon when I had my first snack, which was this YUM tropical veggie salad with a very well paired pineapple juice coconut water concoction. 😉 I’m feeelin’ tropical!


Lunch was my delicious, yet oh-so-unphotogenic lentil and coconut curry…. it pretty much looks like puke, but I promise it tasted really good!!


My appetite never stays quenched for very long, so an afternoon snack was in order, rhubarb frozen yogurt! (recipe coming soon)


BIG SURPRISE. the Hubby and I were actually able to get out of the house for a DATE! (its been 9 months since we went out together, its a big deal) We got a babysitter for after Ariel fell asleep and headed out for a movie, some cocktails and apps.

Before we left I snuck in a quick hard boiled egg (I was getting hungry, I knew I wouldnt last very long)

Then we stopped at the grocery store for a wrap before we hit the movie theatre


Chicken Caesar for me

We seen The Heat, which by the way, is HILARIOUS and I highly recommend seeing it.

Then scooted on over to Boston Pizza for this sicilian pie 😉


This is a somewhat abnormal day for my eats, since we don’t go out for food very often at all, but, I allow myself some treats every now and then 🙂

What have you been eating a lot of lately? Favourite summer treat?

Hugs Kisses and Cookies


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