Hittin’ the Rhubarb

I’ve got this great big Rhubarb plant in the backyard.


That’s it there, behind the big “D” and silly screaming Munchkin ❤ 🙂

It comes back year after year, gets outrageously overgrown, turns lifeless and starts to mold by mid summer. I just don’t know what to do with it. I tried cutting the stalks and freezing them for smoothies etc. except raw rhubarb, I learned, does NOT work well in a smoothie if not cut really itty bitty first, nor are the stringies very nice to clean out of the blender. What is Rhubarb good for except for making strawberry rhubarb pie/jam/tarts?


Pies/jams/tarts aren’t usually a good idea since I have a husband who doesn’t touch sweet stuff (whaaaattt????? I know right.) and I don’t exactly want to have a whole pie hangin’ around in the kitchen because obviously I couldn’t let it go to waste.. there’s starving kids in Africa after all.. right?

Then I came across this post Angela put up over at eat spin run repeat Genius. Just genius. A Rhubarb puree was DEFINITELY in order, since it came just in the nick of time and my rhubarb had NOT yet molded or wilted. Hallelujah, finally I’m making use of my poor neglected garden! I marched my heiny right out there with a newly sharpened knife and I started slicing those stalks off like I’d done it a million times. Except I hadn’t done it a million times, the skin missing on the side of my thumb can vouch for that…

But I digress.

The Rhubarb

DSC03312 DSC03320 DSC03321 DSC03326 DSC03336

Wash it well, chop into small one inch pieces and dump it into a large pot with 1 cup of water. Let simmer for a few approx. 10-15 minutes until all the pieces turn to mush.

I immediately made Angela’s frozen yogurt rhubarb pops and froze the rest in ice cube trays to pop into a smoothie, or to top a bowl of oatmeal.


Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie.


Rhubarb puree works very well here. Very well. It was the perfect evening snack last night 🙂 DSC03382

What would you make with a plethora of fresh rhubarb? What would you use the Frozen puree for?

Hugs Kisses and Cookies


2 thoughts on “Hittin’ the Rhubarb

  1. We always had rhubarb from the garden while we were growing up. Other than rhubarb crisp, but most vivid memory of rhubarb related cuisine involved stewed rhubarb. My mom would make exactly what you did on the stove, but with a little sugar (I tried it last summer and used agave instead so I know other sweeteners work, too) and keep it in the fridge. From there, we’d have it warmed up or cold with a little cream on top in the morning before we went to school or after dinner as a snack in the evening.

    • such. a good idea! I froze it in ice cube trays so it would last a while in case I couldn’t find anything to do with it, I think it would be a perfect snack or even dessert after breakfast? yup!

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