Not so Much

That whole waking up at 5:30am thing didn’t really work out so well this morning. When I climbed into bed last night I realized… hm… the alarm clock is gone. Fail.
I have no idea know where it is? probably at the same place as our house phone, and my mango-licious breakfast bars. The Dog ate it. (when anything goes missing in this house it’s just natural to blame the dog 🙂

You’re probably saying, “well, who doesn’t have a cell phone these days, all cell phones have an alarm clock”. True story. My cell phone goes into the babies room every night to play her lullabies and soothe her to sleep, even though the music was stopped by this point, there was no way I was risking waking up a sleeping baby just to grab my phone. No. Way.

So that idea went down the toilet pretty quick, but it’s okay because I got myself a good nights sleep and was still able to get my workout in somewhat early today! As soon as Munchkin went down for her afternoon nap, I hit the gym living room floor with dumbbells. 😉


It does the trick.

Here’s what I did today:

Abs (or, as I like to call them… habs:)

50 crunches
15 push ups
1 minute plank
30 second plank each side
15 push ups
1 minute plank
30 second side plank each side
50 crunches
1 minute plank
20 bicycle  crunches


15 Dumbbell rows each side
20 superman
20 bent over row
repeat x3

Short, simple and effective. I had myself some lunch when I finished this and then Munchkin was wide awake. good thing I started when I did 😉

Now as usual, I’m energized, motivated, and proud for fitting it in!

Watch out Saturday, here I come!


What’s on your workout agenda this weekend?

Are you an early morning exerciser, or do you prefer to wait until later?


Hugs Kisses and Cookies


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