My Amazing……………….



-Husband. He’s the most wonderful man I’ve ever met and words don’t express enough gratitude for how I feel about him picking me. ❤

-Daughter, she’s a blessing in a screaming, tooth erupting, poop covered disguise. I Love Her More than I can Explain.

-Family, all of them. Mom, Dad, Brother, Aunts, Uncles, Grammy’s and Grampy’s Cousins, 2nd Cousins, Mother and Father in Law, Brother in Law. (seriously. my In Laws are pretty much the coolest. I can’t wait for them to visit in September *squeal*)

-Health, I have a body that I am able to movefreely, with no restrictions or accommodations. I am able to feed it the things that fuel it properly and reap the benefits, and I’m grateful.

-House. I live in a house with no leaks in the roof when it rains (the basement occasionally gets flooded, but lucky me I have a husband who knows how to fix it. see my amazing – #1)

-Dog and Cat. They kept me company on the long cold boring nights when hubby was working nights pre-baby, and now the crazy’s make me smile, laugh, and scream everyday (all in the same day usually) even though I’m more preoccupied raising my little strawberry.

-Job. Some people aren’t lucky enough to find one of these.  I’m especially lucky I have one that allows me to work around the most important job, being a mommy.

-Life. I’m alive. The End.

-A seagull pooped on my arm this morning…. That’s supposed to be lucky right? 🙂 haha

Tell me, what’s amazing in your life right now? even the smallest gratitudes deserve a shout out 

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