Good Deeds

good deed

They’re pretty few and far between these days aren’t they?

Whenever I turn on the news all I hear about is a war raging in this country, a bomb going off in that big city and 4 murderers on the loose in this ol’ small town. It’s disheartening, and makes it easy to loose faith in humanity if we don’t focus on the positive.

But maybe that’s what makes them so special when they do happen.

I was at the grocery store today picking up some essentials, and while at the checkout I’m balancing a 20 pound baby in a 10 pound car seat on one arm,


eggs and 2 avocados on the other arm,


and somehow attempting to reach into my purse to grab my wallet.

It wasn’t working very well.

The woman in front of me noticed my struggles and offered to let me go ahead of her, How nice?!!!?!


Just a little bit earlier this evening I went out to get the Hubby’s beverage of choice *beer*, I just happened to step into the right line again;  The woman in front of me didn’t have air miles, so she asked me if I did. I do. And she gave me her points!

whaaaat? twice in one day?

What was I saying about loss of faith in humanity? statement retracted.

If you’re feeling like you need a little more help believing, check out the good deeds organization. You can get lists of good deeds that real people have witnessed and submitted.

Here’s my favorite one:

My daughter, is 11 and she cannot pass a homeless person without giving them something. A couple of years ago she saw an advert on tv about children in need and asked if we could give them some money. I told her it was a monthly donation and that it would cost about the same as her upcoming birthday party. Without a blink she said, “Can I give them the money instead of having a party?” And that’s what she did. She opted to not have a birthday party and adopted a child who turned out to be a year older than her from another country. Im so proud of her! ❤ 

So much love xoxoxo

Here’s a few more scenes that might help restore some faith 🙂
all pictures are from here, click to see more!

Happy Tuesday!


This photograph of a man giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro. 
This picture of a firefighter administering oxygen to a cat rescued from a house fire.
And this one.
These photos of two children collaborating to rescue a dog who had fallen into a ravine.  
This note on a young family's check.


This exchange between a protester and a soldier during a protest in Brazil.


These pictures of a man jumping into rough waters to rescue a stranger's Shih Tzu in Melbourne.




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