Beach Day

Good Morning!

As per my make it great weekend post, we went to the beach yesterday.

Port Maitland Beach

Ariel’s first time in the ocean.

We walked through the sand, all the way down to the water (the tide was getting low, and if your familiar with the bay of fundy, we have the highest tides in the world, so when it’s low it could take you a good 3-4 minutes to walk from the dock to the water)

We had so much fun playing in the sand,



It was hot hot hot, so a dip in the ocean was obviously necessary, we walked her down to the water and let her put her little baby feet in and….she hated every minute of it!

She LOVES her bath time at home, so it’s not a fear of water, but the ocean is a little bigger body than our bath tub and was still pretty cold. Baby NOT approved. ha.

So we went back up to our towels and played in the sand some more,


The cutest little mermaid I’ve ever seen. ❤

And of course, I go no where without food and drink:


Green juice for the win!

unpictured: coconut flakes, dried mangos and sunflower seeds.


Did you do anything fun this weekend?


Hugs kisses and cookies




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