The Beginning of an Era

Hi World!

I finally did it..

I finally started my own blog..

I’m so excited I think I could scream!

I’ve always wanted to have friends that shared the same common interests as I do: health, food (mostly food) and general wellness, but having been moved to a very small town in Nova Scotia, a far away province far from my big city home in Ontario, with few people to talk to except my husband, dog, cat and 9 month old daughter, it was a pretty hard sell. (Though since the move, I have made a few good friends, Hi friends!)

I wanted to be able to call someone up and say: “HEY guess what I found out today, I have low iron, I need to research how to naturally bring it back up using proper nutrition! I can’t wait!” or “Oh my gosh I just found out about this new superfood *insert superfood here*, I need to know what it will do for me and where I can get some. Immediately.” weird? pretty much…

I’m a frequent reader of other blogs that have similar interests as I do, some of my favorites: FitnessistaOhSheGlowsDetoxinistaChocolateCoveredKatie (Hello healthy indulgence!), HealthfulPursuit, and that’s just a very few. I could go on forever.

Reasons I’m starting this blog (this is mainly for my own reference, so I can remember it tomorrow when I’ve forgotten everything that I did today):
– I am one of the millions of girls (and guys) that struggle/d with disordered eating. I was an overweight child from the ripe old age of 6 (ish?) and was never properly taught the value of food and what it can do for me, therefore sending me into a downward spiral of over eating, self hatred, loathing, dieting, repeating. I have since learned how to treat my body with respect when it comes to food (most of the time, balance is key here folks), but still occasionally find myself getting sucked back into the body shaming squad. Here’s where the next pointer comes in:
– I want to feel like I am part of a community; I read so many other blogs and I always see comments of support, motivation, determination, friendly smiles and internet hugs. I love it. I want to play too!
– I’m not the greatest cook in the world, it’s no secret around here that my husband is a much better cook than myself, but now that he’s back to work and I want to be that wife that has supper on the table when he gets home (usually?) it’s time for the creative juices to flow.. and then be documented. here. on FitFace. Maybe if I’m lucky he’ll let me post some of his experiments too. 😉
– Just 3 hours ago I had a list of reasons a mile long running through my head, and now I’m coming up pretty short trying to remember what they were. Another reason to document everything. My memory span is shorter than a goldfish (studies actually found that fish can remember things for up to 5 months, so I’m blown on this one, but you get what I’m saying).

So the title of this blog: FitFace. where did it come from you ask? I have absolutely no idea…. ha! it probably has something to do with mine and my husbands obsession with adding the word “face” to just about everything we say. A few examples: my daughter Ariel is often referred to as ArielFace, (she also has many other nicknames; Munchkin, little strawberry, peach, sugar pie, the list goes on…)


(Full of all kinds of strawberry, peach and sugar pies. That’s my munchkin.)

The dog is DukeFace (or PuppyFace, ButtFace, and sometimes on the rare occasion, just Duker).


(notice the empty package of meat on the ground.. and the Puppy Face that says “what’s that? I swear it wasn’t me mom” )

The cat is MangoFace,


(She’s crazy. The end.)

And my husband is usually DarlingFace. Since I wanted this blog to primarily be about health and fitness, FitFace just kind of fell into place.

How’s that for my very first post? Take that internet world!

So tell me, what made you want to start your blog? Or.. what brought you to this one?

Hugs Kisses and Cookies


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